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IT Services & Support

We deliver a range of IT services in our wide portfolio, with comprehensive support options

IT Services & Support sits alongside Telephony in our unified service offering

Alongside our renowned Telephony solutions, we can partner with businesses for all their IT needs. Our solutions range from desktop support to full server virtualisation. It's an extensive suite of services and products, so to make it a little easier, our services are broken down into four distinct sections.

  • Solutions - Covering our traditional IT support, hardware & infrastructure offerings
  • Consultancy - Fresh thinking from our experts, with no jargon from our trained advisers
  • Cloud - Latest tech and updates, with flexibility to scale up and down, 
  • Live Monitoring -  Real time monitoring and updates to ensure you have full visibility of your service statuses.


IT Server-3

Infrastructure as a service

Move your servers and data to the cloud. You'll have the same access but none of the physical server hassle as we'll manage it remotely
IT Hardware

Hardware and software

We'll provide the IT hardware you need, and will help with desktop program configuration to large data storage
Phone Support

Phone and email support

Our support team are always available to assist with any aspect of your IT service with us


Headset Support

Expert advice

Our support team have years of combined experience in IT support, and can provide remote or on-site assistance for absolute peace of mind
Business People

No jargon

Our experts will talk to your business in simple and easy to understand terms

Trained advisors

Our support team are regularly trained on the latest in IT tech, to ensure they are always up to date



Latest updates

We'll update your IT software to its latest edition, ensuring your business is utilising all the latest features

Security and safeguarding

We keep your IT systems safe from the latest cyber threats and viruses with the latest anti virus software, firewalls, and anti spam
Cloud Growth


With your IT based in the cloud, it's easy to add or remove users to your services without disruption

Live Monitoring


Live status page

Our service status page shows the real time operation of your services with us, and is updated immediately in the case of any downtime
Smartphone - Reporting

Access to real time reporting

Our reporting tools give you a clear insight into your IT operations and live analysis of your services

Peace of mind

With visibility of real time changes, we are ready at the end of the phone or on email to assist with any concerns
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We love helping businesses like yours.  No sales pitches, just sound advice. 

Book a half hour chat with one of our experts to discuss your business challenges and find out how our products work.