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Collaboration Solutions

Collaboration is part of your company's digital transformation.




Collaboration is not just a set of tools, it’s a company transformation.

It changes the way people work.

Empowering a flexible workforce brings many business benefits, including cost, time and productivity efficiencies. Digital natives now entering the workplace have not known a world before smart phones and cross-device collaborationYour business can bring together different styles of working on apps and devices to suit every customer and every employee.

Scalable, intuitive collaborative communications allow businesses to communicate, learn and develop more effectively.  The smartest collaboration software can offer employees the flexibility and freedom to choose how to work and thrive, enabling better relationships with their customers in the future of business.

Telefonix has industry leading solutions for your business, from high quality video conferencing such as BlueJeans Video Meetings or Avaya Scopia to comprehensive presence-based communications for multi-site operations, to connect your employees, customers and partners anywhere and any time.

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Our Collaboration Solutions:

Unify People

Creating consistent technology experiences for both employees and customers

Attract Minds

Inviting the right customers and best talent to find the best fit with your business

Share Ideas

Involving customer and employees in the development of new products and services

With our collaboration solutions you can see, improve and scale your business with more agility.

Let us prepare your business for tomorrow with seamless collaborative communications across every location and device. Simple, contextual, user-defined communication in the apps and browsers your employees already use. Make your business smarter, more efficient, and more agile.

Insurance and finance companies can benefit greatly from collaboration tools, and prove an effective solution to MiFID II regulations.


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Deliver video experiences across your workplace that people love with BlueJeans.

Build a stronger company culture with easy-to-use, face-to-face video meetings.  

Take BlueJeans for a test drive to see why companies like Red Hat, Illumina & Viacom make video an essential element of their communication strategy.



Improve business performance for the future with productive teams wherever your business needs to be.

Move to enterprise-wide digital transformation

Create a collaborative culture and a digital base that embraces analytics and agile technologies.

Build on generational expertise

Millennials and Generation Zs don’t know any different, so your business can grow based on native expertise.

Empower a flexible, diverse workforce

Bring employees and customers together across locations and different styles of working across their apps and devices.

Reliable, intuitive, enterprise-level collaboration tools

Start with the basics and grow, communicate more effectively and invest as you see your ROI grow.
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Is your productivity falling?

Don't: Make your employees inefficient and distracted

Mental blocks caused by switching apps reduces productivity by 40%, and most of the working day is spent doing redundant tasks. Your employees are falling behind without the right technology in place.

Do: Make your employees more productive and engaged

It's easier to keep track of everything all in one place and you will gain valuable opportunities to capitalise on information usually in silos. This allows you to make better connections with your teams and customers.


Workers who already use their personal devices in the workplace (Microsoft)


Companies who expect their employees to provide their own devices for their jobs this year (Gartner)


Executives who would rather watch video than read text (Insivia)
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Avaya IP Office Platform

A Simple, Powerful, Unified Collaboration Solution

Engagement can accelerate growth and revolutionise how you do business.

  • Transform the way you conduct business by creating a seamless engagement experience for your customers and employees.
  • Protect your investment with a solution that easily and affordably scales as your communications needs change.
  • Enable your mobile workforce to collaborate and promote commerce.
  • Reduce IT overhead with true plug and play that effortlessly rolls out applications to your staff.
  • Accelerate growth by using a complete IP Office solution to create seamless engagement throughout your business.