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Customer Experience Solutions

How do your customers connect with you?


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Customers don’t relate to channels, they relate to brands.

Customer Experience is the new battleground for companies.

Customers want to choose how, when and where they interact with businesses across voice and digital channels. And when they do interact with your business, they expect a personalised, consistent and positive experience.

Businesses who fail to take account of customer preferences, history and other data are more likely to lose their customers. But customers are loyal to brands who take all of that into account. Companies who invest in an omnichannel approach to the customer experience ultimately increase the overall lifetime value of every single customer. Your success as a business directly depends on how you manage the customer experience.

What other priority could be more important?

Our Customer Experience Solutions:

Integrate Channels

Allowing you to gather information from all sources and deliver a consistent experience

Resolve Issues

Make it easy and seamless for customers to interact with your business with full confidence

Target Behaviour

Creating more targeted campaigns and dynamically adapt content and offers based on user actions and preferences.

Amazing customer experiences are key.


One amazing customer experience makes a happy customer; amazing customer experiencesNew Call-to-action make up a lasting relationship.


Unforgettable customer experience and unquestionable employee satisfaction leads to revenue, loyalty, and growth.


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Win the customer experience battle

89% of companies expect to compete primarily on the basis of customer experience (Gartner)

Our solutions will help you measure and improve the results of your ongoing customer relationships

Customer experience is the primary way organisations will seek to differentiate themselves from competitors (E-consultancy)

We can help you deliver a personalised and unique experience for each individual customer across all channels, every time

Our technology solutions are designed to empower your employees to deliver consistently positive experiences for each customer, every time.

Customers share their experiences rapidly and are more likely to be loyal to a business that adapts to their preferences.

The customer experience has evolved

Beyond voice-only call centres, your customer relationship includes email, chat, IM, SMS, social media and video.

Adapt to each individual

Some customers prefer voice, video, chat or email - and you need to remember these preferences to keep customer loyalty.

Seamless interactions are the number one priority

Customers that have consistent, positive experience across channels, in context, are more likely to become brand advocates.

Make your customer experience more efficient

Improve productivity with all the information about a customer at your fingertips, so you can up-sell and boost loyalty at just the right time.
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Avaya IP Office Platform

A Simple, Powerful, Unified Collaboration Solution

Engagement can accelerate growth and revolutionise how you do business.

  • Transform the way you conduct business by creating a seamless engagement experience for your customers and employees.
  • Protect your investment with a solution that easily and affordably scales as your communications needs change.
  • Enable your mobile workforce to collaborate and promote commerce.
  • Reduce IT overhead with true plug and play that effortlessly rolls out applications to your staff.
  • Accelerate growth by using a complete IP Office solution to create seamless engagement throughout your business.