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Communications Technology for Insurance and Financial Services

Specialist IT & telecommunications solutions help insurance and financial services deliver a consistent, exceptional customer experience and ensure regulatory compliance while cutting costs and improving operations.


As an insurance or financial services company, you are facing unique challenges.

The insurance and finance industries are ever changing, with new regulatory compliance meaning companies are having to adopt new technology to be compliant.

You need to improve efficiency across your insurance and finance organisations, respond to regulatory change, reduce operational costs and improve IT security. You need a system that can do all of this, and more - meet your customers on every channel and constantly improve their experience so they come to you first and stay loyal to you.

We provide technology for insurance companies and financial services through the following solutions:

Our solutions work together to provide insurance and finance companies the visibility, customer experience and compliance you need.

MiFID II regulations are fast approaching in the insurance and financial industries...

The most urgent reason to consider updating your solutions is to ensure compliance for the upcoming regulations MiFID II in January 2018 and GDPR in May 2018. These regulations are deliberately vague to encompass technology developments in the future, including the developing field of IoT and AI.

Compliance with MiFID II means upgrading the range of record keeping software you have in order to manage all cloud business communications. Our technology for MiFID II compliance can integrate with call recording, storage inclusive options, PCI compliance services, SIP trunking and cloud telephony for a holistic solution to meet MIFID II requirements. We can provide a single secure portal and cloud security.
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We also help insurers modernize legacy systems, embrace new insurance technology, leverage digital legacy integration services, reengineer business processes to enhance business agility, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve margins, thus injecting new efficiencies into their systems, helping them monetize new channels, and preparing them for changing business imperatives.
The advantages of having your company’s entire communication system in a cloud telephone system are virtually limitless...
Telefonix Voice & Data Technology for Insurance

Data analysis and reporting.

Collaboration across departments and offices is more viable when data analysis can be analysed and information can be shared for fraud detection and customer protection.

Operational cost savings.

Reduce operational costs by more than 20 per cent when you replace your complex legacy IT and communications, helping to accommodate and manage new regulatory compliance.

Customer experience.

Customer experience management has never been easier with a central web portal to control call routes and screen pops for agents to know your customer’s history, with customisable reports.

Regulatory compliance.

Our call recording for insurance companies and reporting solutions comply with PCI DSS, HIPAA, MiFID II and GDPR.

Your insurance and finance services are more customer compliant with our support

Telefonix Voice & Data Faster Cloud Technology for Insurance

Faster, more efficient processes and collaboration

Cloud, on-premise and hybrid systems improve system performance and efficiency with more security, backup and unlimited storage.
Telefonix Voice & Data Better Risk Managment Technology for Insurance

Better visibility and risk management

Bring audit, compliance, risk management and legal departments together to meet regulations and improve the customer experience
Telefonix Voice & Data MiFID II Technology for Insurance

Protect data and ensure regulatory compliance

Call recording, reporting and unlimited cloud storage solutions can meet MIFID II regulations whatever your business size or requirements.

The Customer Experience is a top priority for insurance and finance companies

Our collaboration solutions help you lead, manage and develop your team whilst also empowering you to deliver a high level of client service and control over the end-to-end customer experience.

Cloud telephony solutions promote team engagement and customer engagement seamlessly across any barriers - including moving or expanding your business to new offices.

Adaptable call routes to hunt groups based on different criteria creates a consistently high standard of customer experience and ensures your customer can get the right answers the first time they call.


Create personalised experiences for your customers

Don't lose the human touch as you move to digital from a traditional brick/mortar point

Move from transactional, routine transactions to engaging in real time. Personalize your mobile services to differentiate your offerings and boost brand loyalty. Give your customers the self-service capabilities they are looking for, with the ability to escalate seamlessly to a live agent via voice or video—complete with co-browsing and content sharing.

In the shift from brick and mortar branches to online banking, you increase efficiency and reduce costs but you don’t want to lose the all-important human touch. Modern consumers want personalized experiences that matter. Embed BlueJeans video platform in your online app, and offer customers secure, face-to-face contact from anywhere.

Customer preferences and expectations are changing. Meet them on their terms, seamlessly, using solutions from self-service to mobile to social. 


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There are numerous benefits to moving from insurance & finance legacy systems

Telefonix Voice & Data Easy to Migrate Technology for Insurance

Easy to migrate

It is easy to move to the cloud or hybrid if your system is currently only on-premise. Cloud telephony can be easily rolled out across your company without any interruption to your business.
Telefonix Voice & Data Easy to Control Technology for Insurance

Easy to control

With an updated system, an intuitive web portal allows you to direct calls across your business quickly and easily.
Telefonix Voice & Data Easy to Manage Technology for Insurance

Easy to manage

24 hour support is provided by Telefonix Voice & Data, ensuring maximum efficiency and as little downtime as possible when faults occur.

Want to know how to move your business telecoms to the cloud to improve your financial operations? 

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Join us at our Customer Experience Centre in Farnham, Surrey to experience cloud technology first hand.

The use of cloud technology for business telecoms, communications and IT is on the rise, as businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the multiple benefits cloud computing can have in terms of efficiency and profitability.

In our cloud talk, hear the latest insight from our experts on how best to utilise the cloud to improve your communications and IT. These essential tips will help to guide your organisation through the process and learn where you can cut time and complexity. Cloud technology allows you to work smarter, not harder.

As experts in the field, Telefonix will ensure your journey to implementing cloud technology is easy and stress free.

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