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Our Team of Business Technology Professionals

Our long serving team are the cornerstone of our business, their dedication and passion ensures that we provide the best possible IT and Telecoms Business Solutions to our clients.

Our long serving team and technology experts are the cornerstone of our business, their dedication and passion ensures that we provide the best possible IT and Telecoms Business Solutions to our clients.  

From the very start of our business all those years ago to the thriving business of today, our ethos remains the same.  We focus on our client's business needs, recommending tried and tested solutions to enhance their work environment.

Our solution consultants are passionate about the quality and service they deliver; it is part of our DNA.  Nothing matters more than the service we provide because we know our keep clients coming back for our excellent customer service.

We call it the Telefonix way.

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Management Team

Mike Kirby

Managing Director

A passionate business leader, who believes the customer experience should be above and beyond expectation. Mike has been building customer focused technology solutions for the past 20 years and is now driving the Telefonix business into its growth stage, with plans to make Telefonix the leading total IT & Communications supplier focused on the small, medium and enterprise business market in the UK. When not challenging the business and leading the team, Mike can often be found chasing a small white ball around the countryside with clients (golf!). His striving for continual improvement has seen his handicap come down from 24 to 8 in the past five years.

David Hughes

Operations Director

With more than 16 years engineering experience in the communications industry, David has a passion for new technology. David's expertise has provided him with a wealth of knowledge to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions to the highest standards, ensuring our customer service levels remain at the highest level. As Operations Director at Telefonix, David is responsible for managing Client Projects, Engineering, Customer Service and Vendor Relationships. He's a keen sportsman mostly playing cricket and enjoys hacking his way around a golf course. David's a bit of a petrol head; he loves fast cars, Formula 1 and the annual trip to the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Niki Lamb

Key Accounts

Niki joined Telefonix in 2002, watching the business grow and expand hugely. Niki has held a variety of roles in Office Management, Client Projects, Purchasing, Sales, and Account Management. Niki understands the complex and ever-changing technology landscape and is responsible for managing the relationships with many of our largest clients. With an eye for detail, she is passionate about providing the best levels of service, while developing long-term relationships, often becoming a go-to trusted advisor to help clients with the right solution. As a busy mum and wife, Niki is a keen seamstress and crafter, always involved in charitable causes such as her son's pre-school fundraising.

Brent Harding

Head of Support

Brent has been with Telefonix since 2009, with 20 years experience as a Telephony and Comms Engineer, working on Avaya IP Office since its beginning. With broad experience across many technologies from analogue to VoIP, SBC, routing, switching, and VLAN. Brent is a wealth of knowledge, and you could talk to him about everything from your desk phone through the infrastructure and out to the public network. Brent is the voice of experience, providing ongoing support and mentoring across the team, always striving to ensure the highest levels of quality and support for our clients.

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