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Technology Solutions for Schools and the Education Industry

Specialist IT & telecommunications solutions help schools and educational establishments to cut costs and improve operations.


Achieve flexibility and true collaboration in your school's phone system

Schools and academies are constantly having to adapt and change to conform to an ever changing environment. Telefonix provide technology solutions for schools and educational establishments to help them transform for modern day operations.

A hosted telephony solution based in the cloud can provide the flexibility that modern day school staff need. Collaboration features can seamlessly provide content sharing to teachers and staff, and remote working features can easily allow for teachers to complete tasks outside of the school environment.

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In terms of your school's phone infrastructure, utilising a SIP Trunking solution reaps benefits that are proven for your phone system – our SIP trunks provide more flexible, cost effective and collaborative features than ISDN phone lines. By utilising a quality VoIP provider in Telefonix, SIP adoption can be completed in a quick time frame, with little to no disruption to your school operations.

Telefonix can transform your school's technology in the following ways...

True unified communications solutions

Collaboration across departments and offices allows for greater efficiency and productivity amongst your staff.

Operational cost savings for your system

Reduce operational costs by more than 20 per cent when you replace your complex legacy IT and communications.

Easily customisable solutions

Utilise a central web portal to control call routes, and run customisable reports. Receive automatic updates when a new version is released.

Great value bundles and minutes

Our great value calls and minutes deals will ensure that your phone operations are fully covered on a month by month basis.

Confused about SIP Trunking and its benefits?

Telefonix Voice & Data Easy to Migrate Technology for Insurance

ISDN is coming to an end in 2025

If your school phone system still runs on ISDN lines, be aware that the process will be obsolete by 2025. It's time to look at solutions for the future.
Telefonix Voice & Data Easy to Control Technology for Insurance

VoIP on SIP Trunks will soon be the standard

Take full advantage of the multiple benefits SIP Trunks have to offer.
Telefonix Voice & Data Easy to Manage Technology for Insurance

SIP Trunks provide numerous advantages

SIP Trunking options are cheaper than ISDN, enable collaboration across different devices, and can store call information for training purposes, among numerous other benefits

Moving your school's phone system to the cloud

If PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is still being used in your school, now may be the time to explore IP cloud options and reap the benefits of having a hosted solution based off premise. Your school's data is scored securely in a remote location with the highest security and encryption, with immediate back ups available.

With cloud solutions, school staff are able to access the system through a standard handset or screen based soft phone. Moving to cloud technology means no up front spend on hardware and no costly PBX maintenance or upgrades.

Mobiles and other portable devices can be easily integrated into a cloud system, and ready for your staff to use seamlessly as part of the school network.


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Fibre Lines

Need high speed broadband alongside your school's telephony solution?

We not only provide state of the art phone systems to schools, but also a variety of high-speed broadband/ fibre data connection options to suit your requirements.

Fibre broadband options can allow for 76MB download speeds, and if you're looking for ultra high speed connection for your school, leased line fibre options of up to 10GB download speeds can meet the most intensive demands of any network infrastructure size.

The personalised nature of our service means that we can scale our solution to your school's requirements, allowing for greater flexibility and providing the opportunity to find the best value deal for you, whilst cutting unnecessary costs.

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