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Technology solutions for Veterinary Services

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Leave your IT & Telephony requirements to us, so you can focus on your customers' pets

As a vet, your main focus is on the health and well being of your customer's beloved pets. You therefore need your phones and IT to be as intuitive as possible so you aren't hindered by outdated technology. Below are just some of the ways your practice can benefit from the latest in communications technology.

Cat - Technology Solutions for Vets

Integrate your CRM system with your phones

Customer Relationship Management

When a customer calls in to the practice, full CRM integration allows you to see which customer is calling and their associated records
Customer Relationship Management 2

Click to dial functionality makes it easy to ring customers straight from their CRM record
Customer Service Star

Integration will show your commitment to customer experience and help to build trust with your customers

Utilise call queuing during peak times

Emergency phone

SIP Trunks allow for calls to be queued during busy times, and auto attendant capabilities mean that emergency calls can be prioritised
Employee Satisfaction

Through call queuing, you can ensure less stress for your employees when there's an influx of calls
Call Queue

If you're multi site, you can easily route calls to different locations instantly, in case of peak times or downtime at a particular site

Enable mobility with fixed mobile convergence

Mobile Device

Mobile apps allow for employees to take their main number wherever they go
Desk phone

Desk phone capabilities on mobile means that no employee needs to be tied to the practice
Vet - Home Visit

Employees can travel to home visits without having to miss any calls

All of these benefits are easily facilitated through SIP Trunking


If your veterinary practice is using ISDN or analogue lines, the technology is rapidly becoming obsolete, and these lines will be switched off in 2025.

Moving to a cloud or SIP trunking solution allows for the utilisation of the above benefits, and on top of that, they are also cheaper to run. Find out more here about the ISDN switch off or download the FAQ for more information.

SIP Trunking FAQ
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