8x8 Contact Centre - The cloud-based solution that lets you focus on what’s really important: your customers

Whether you’re a new business or already running a 24x7x365 operation, you can waste valuable time and money maintaining, upgrading, and troubleshooting a contact centre system. And when customers need support, if outdated technology gets in the way, you can lose much more than sales. You miss opportunities to build long-term customer relationships, eroding the value of your company’s most important asset: customer loyalty and the repeat business it brings.

Enhance customer experience whilst reducing costs

8x8 Virtual Contact Centre provides the advanced communication tools you need to enhance the customer experience and deliver world-class customer support and sales. Our solution is completely cloud-based, significantly reducing both your capital and operating expenses.

Any media. Communicate with customers and manage contacts on voice, email, and chat channels. Capture all interactions for increased customer satisfaction, greater efficiency and better targeting.

Reliability and security. 8x8’s reliability, security and compliance make it an ideal choice for companies that need high reliability or that must satisfy the requirements of PCI, FISMA, Privacy Shield or HIPAA (tailored BAAs available).

Analytics increase agent productivity. Our intuitive, web-based user interface lets agents work anywhere, while centralised management and reporting features empower supervisors to manage everything from agent scheduling to coaching, recording and call intervention.

Connect locally. manage globally. 8x8’s secure and redundant data centres help unite and manage all your contact centres into one seamless global support organisation. Agents can work from anywhere, and smart call routing quickly connects customers with the right agents—anywhere in the world.

8x8 Virtual Contact Centre Editions

8x8 offers four contact centre editions to meet the needs of any size organisation.

1. Digital Edition: Provides email and chat channels with pre-built CRM integration, reports and dashboard analytics.

2. Standard Edition: Provides voice channel with standard IVR, queued callback and reports and dashboard analytics.

3. Pro Edition: For more sophisticated contact centres, this edition provides full multi-channel capabilities with enhanced IVR (custom apps), co-browse and proactive chat.

4. Ultimate Edition: Our most advanced edition, provides the same features as 8x8 Virtual Contact Centre Pro but adds Quality Management and additional wallboards.


Any media: Reach your customers—and track their calls, emails and chats interactions with your company—for maximum customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Skills-based routing and CTI: Skills-based routing matches callers with agents who can meet their needs. CTI (computer telephony integration) delivers caller information to the agent’s screen along with the call so the agent can provide more efficient, personalised service.

Agent console: 8x8’s browser-based desktop requires no software plug-ins or downloads. Agents and supervisors use the same desktop, but access different screens and functions based on their permissions.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Enable customers to route themselves to the right agent or department using voice prompts. Managers can create their own basic IVR scripts or use 8x8’s optional eIVR (enhanced IVR) to offer more advanced self-service options.

CRM integrations: Use 8x8’s built-in CRM/ticket management system, or integrate your contact centre with a third-party CRM solution such as Zendesk, NetSuite, Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

API support: Gain access to call information, customer data, and real-time reports. Our streaming API enables you to integrate CRM capabilities into your 8x8 Virtual Contact Centre. Dashboards and reports: Real-time monitoring and reporting gives you the info you need to quickly manage SLAs and contact centre operations. And when you’re away from the contact centre, access reports and wallboards from your desktop or iOS/Android smartphone or tablet.

Call recording: On-demand or random call recordings for compliance and agent coaching. Easy search and replay.

"Success in the travel and hospitality industry is dependent on building strong customer relationships and differentiating through high levels of personalisation and customer service. With 8x8’s Virtual Contact Centre solution we are well positioned to do just that. Virtual Contact Centre has helped us track calls and sales success rates, significantly increasing our revenue." —Greg Meyer, Director of Systems Integration, iCruise

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