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Voice Solutions - Gamma Horizon

Gamma provide high quality voice solutions to a range of UK organisations




Gamma Horizon is a one-stop, end-to-end cloud based solution

Gamma Horizon ensures the burden is taken away from your organisation's IT team. Horizon is a complete hosted communications service that provides a range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities that can be managed easily through an intuitive web portal.

Depending on your organisation's needs, your system can be configured accordingly. Productivity therefore can be maximised for each individual, and employees can manage their calls easily and effectively.

Horizon hosted telephony provides the complete cloud communications service for your organisation, with no maintenance or on site costs, and no capital outlay, leading to a reduction in expenditure that would otherwise be accrued under an outdated legacy system.

Enhance your company's customer experience through call recording, and experience the clearest voice quality with unlimited scalability.

Take a look at our Horizon hosted phone system bundles.



Choose Gamma Mobile with Connect, and link your Horizon to your mobile

 With Horizon in place, Fixed Mobile Convergance (FMC) capabilities through the use of Gamma Mobile with Connect allow you to create a unified communications experience on your device. Integrate your mobile with your Horizon desk phone, and remote work as effectively as when you are at your desk, with instant access to the same collaboration and communication tools as Horizon. Routing mobile calls over the network reduces call charges and can keep mobile numbers personal, among numerous other benefits.

The benefits of Horizon


Flexible and home working options

Horizon makes working from remote locations as easy as working from the office

Immediate updates and new features

New features and upgrades are implemented immediately into the system, ensuring you are always up to date

Smarter working with cost savings

Achieve true unified communications with connections across mobiles and fixed telephones, enabling big savings

Gamma Collaborate - Utilise collaboration in your business operations

Collaborate by Gamma offers services such as instant messaging, presence, desktop/app and document sharing, voice and video communication, and is driven through simple end user apps in Windows, MAC, Android and iOS.

Collaborate is available through the Horizon system. Have a watch of the video or download the brochure to find out more.



Gamma SIP Trunks


Scale up and down as needed

Gamma trunks are ideal for when you need to scale up lines during busy periods

Business continuity

Easily reroute calls to an alternative location in the case of disasters and emergencies

Save money

Gamma SIP Trunks dramatically reduce costs in comparison to out of date ISDN lines




Want to know more about SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking FAQCheck out the video about Gamma SIP trunks, or have a read of our SIP FAQ for all you need to know.
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Book a half hour chat with one of our solutions consultants. We'll be happy to run through any of the solutions offered by Gamma. No question is a silly question!