In a world where time is scarce, budgets are limited and employees can work from anywhere - video communication is invaluable.

  • It allows people to connect and collaborate face-to-face, regardless of their location.
  • With live video, nuances in expression become clearer.
  • Body language becomes more apparent.
  • Ideas are shared instantly.
  • And, by minimising the chances of miscommunication, decisions can be made much faster.

There is a genuine appetite for live video, both at home and in the workplace.

According to BlueJeans research, an overwhelming 85% of employees, across all age groups, say that video is now a part of their everyday lives. And, while current uptake statistics suggest the technology is being used more on a personal level than a professional one, the status quo is quickly changing.

But it’s about more than just saving time and money. Live video meetings can also save people’s brainpower.

In essence, live video communication has the potential to significantly accelerate business responsiveness.

In this ebook Love Live Video you can read exclusive interviews with four champions of live video to discover how video communication has transformed their working lives.