Today's environment is a minefield of cyber threats designed specifically to get your most valuable business information - or just to cause chaos.

It doesn't matter if you think your business is too small, or too big, to be a target for determined hackers. Opportunistic attacks - such as the recent WannaCrypt ransomware - can bring a business to its knees.

As hackers develop increasingly sophisticated tools to access your innermost information, cybersecurity solutions are constantly evolving to keep up. By 2020, 99% of vulnerabilities exploited by hackers will be known by security and IT professionals for at least a year, according to Gartner.

Your business needs to completely safeguard all data you receive. You don't just risk losing customer data - you risk losing your customers.

In addition, some industries are subject to regulations such as GDPR and PCI compliance, and the finance and insurance industries are subject to MiFID II regulations. Are you ready?