Your business is only as fast, reliable and connected as your network. But your network needs to adapt to your business needs.

Multiple websites, multiple links and email issues can all reduce performance. WiFi black spots are unacceptable in the modern world of business where you are expected to always have optimal connectivity.

You can choose to manage your business network via private, public or hybrid cloud solutions or you can use internal, private systems with managed data centres.

Managed data centres can manage your infrastructure, provide cross platform support for common and legacy operating systems and support virtual and physical environments on hardware platforms.

Our network design can include Microsoft Office 365 and CRM integration to ensure your existing business processes continue with optimal performance.

You can work securely and efficiently with integrated voice, data, mobile and presence communications on cloud based exchange servers through virtualisation. With our solutions, you can rely on a trusted network across teams and support remote workers and people in different locations.

When you move your systems to the cloud you also reduce the need for hardware and real estate. There is less need for phone handsets when businesses can rely on softphones with cloud telephony for contact anywhere.

We can provide fully integrated automated systems management tools and an enterprise storage service that delivers key business functionality including business continuity, back-up and restore.

Telefonix Voice & Data can offer 24/7 support contracts to ensure any network disruptions are minimal for your business continuity.

Talk to us about how our cost-effective solutions will result in a faster, better network to allow your business to operate with extra speed and simplicity.

Telefonix are delighted to be Cyber Essentials certified, which is a testament to our commitment to secure our IT operations and data against cyber attacks.


Your business needs to navigate a minefield of cyber threats from hackers designed specifically to get your most valuable business information - or just to cause chaos.

The size of your business can invite hackers with different motives, although opportunistic attacks can bring a business to its knees.

Your cyber security is crucial to your business reputation.

Every day, businesses make transactions and exchange sensitive information, and remote workers connect via other devices and other networks. The risk to your company network and data increases without the right protection and policies.

Cyber-attacks in the form of hacking, viruses, spam, ransomwear and intrusion can lead to website crashes or slow network problems, theft and removal of sensitive data, internal disruption, financial penalties and loss of your business reputation.

The process and cost of repair after the event can be huge unless you have the right disaster recovery, back up and reputation management in place.

What is the cost of losing your sensitive business data? Losing your website? A compromised system?

How do you prevent a business data breach? Read our blog.

The global WannaCry ransomware that affected 47 NHS organisations in May highlighted the importance of the right solutions for your business.

Our solutions can combine multiple layers of defence throughout your business network. Each network security layer implements policies and controls where authorised users can access resources but malicious users and threats are blocked.

Telefonix Voice & Data can provide the technical expertise to set up security measures, training for users to ensure best practice to avoid risks, and the right products to secure your specific business networks. We can ensure business continuity.

Talk to us about our network and IT security solutions for your business risks, whether you are a small start-up or a large enterprise business we can tailor our solutions for you.

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