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Protecting your business from online attacks.

With an array of modern solutions to suit your business needs, Telefonix Voice & Data can handle all the backend work to properly maintain your network security, allowing you to focus on what matters.

Every modern business needs to rely on a safe and fast internet connection, but there are so many huge risks you need to safeguard against. Viruses and malicious programmes can potentially cause catastrophic and expensive damage to your entire business. To protect your business, you need a reliable, robust anti-virus solution in place at all times. Working quietly in the background, it will detect, alert and prevent harmful malware from breaching your security and damaging your business.


We can create bespoke antivirus and security solutions to ensure your business data is always secure against fraud or identity theft and your business has the protection it needs to operate on all levels without the risk of attack. We handle all administration and maintenance work to guarantee you have all the benefits of the latest protective measures immediately.

These include:

  • Fast, powerful scanning with minimal impact on system performance
  • Safeguard against virus, spyware, trojans, phishing and more
  • Smart web content filtering for additional protection online
  • USB device scanning and threat prevention
  • Smart Feedback Technology to stay updated on the latest threats
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Mobile and Exchange Servers

Whether you are a three-person start up or an enterprise with five hundred employees, our anti-virus service helps you overcome the ever-growing challenges of cyber security.

To learn more about Telefonix Voice & Data can secure your business today and protect your business for the future, talk to one of our solution consultants about how we can provide industry-leading solutions, services and support.


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