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Technology Support

Your technology services partner, helping you to deliver the right support to your business users and customers.

More and more small and medium-sized businesses are turning to outsourced IT and Telecoms Support to provide a level of skills and expertise which cannot be sourced internally.  It is usually impractical to have part-skilled employees take on the role of IT and Telecoms Support on top of their primary job focus.

We offer several straightforward options as well as "ad-hoc" options for businesses who don't want to commit.  With an experienced team of highly-qualified technology and Avaya Support engineers at your disposal, we have an enviable reputation for providing a true round-the-clock, enterprise grade managed support service to ensure that requisite expertise is on hand day or night to act swiftly should the unexpected happen.

We are ISO 9001 certified and pride ourselves with our own internal standard of service charter.  We are proud of our team and our capability, and are happy to demonstrate why.  We offer a wide range of support services, tailored to your business.

Some of our clients need support for just one or two products, others require a strategic partnership, including technology transformation, where we deliver a complete end-to-end solution for their multiple systems and connectivity. We can provide web/solution development, technical and IT support, database development, and in-house design. Within our versatile and multi-skilled team, we can combine technical and creative strengths to find the best solutions for your projects.

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Tailored IT Support

However well a system is put together, there is always likely to be something that causes you an issue and requires external support to resolve it. Our helpdesk provides a tailored Technology, IT, Telecoms support, and Avaya Support service. It’s not only an integral part of our business but epitomises our commitment to quality and customer service.

Our dedicated team of support specialists are UK based at our head office in Farnham, Surrey.  

We offer a range of IT Helpdesk solutions, to allow every organisation to select the one that best suits the unique requirements of their operation.

Flexible Model

Our IT Helpdesk is available without a contract, to assist smaller organisations that may have the occasional IT issue to resolve. This the most cost effective way of providing your business with core IT helpdesk support services, designed to not only reduce business costs, but also to increase user productivity through increased uptime. It is a flexible solution that supports the heart of all businesses.

Generally, helpdesk costs and staffing are problems that IT managers could do without. The provision of comprehensive support to computer users can still be resource intensive, restricting the time that IT managers spend on strategic planning. Our service is designed to specifically reduce these issues.  

Providing you with access to a team rather than an individual, the service enables a fundamental improvement in the level of support experienced by your users.  All problems are rectified within predefined timescales and the most appropriate response mechanism, for example, telephone or remote access.


Our IT SOS has been specifically designed to augment your existing IT resource, providing our clients with unlimited access to a huge range of skills and experience as and when they need it.  Our experience has shown that businesses who do not wish to totally outsource their IT function may have a need for support that goes a stage further than typical hardware and software maintenance agreements. For that reason, we provide IT SOS.

With an ever changing technology landscape, IT SOS is a cost effective way of providing your business with core IT services that support all the latest technologies. This may in turn release internal IT staff to concentrate more on business strategy rather than operational day to day support of the users.

IT SOS provides cover for the server estate, laptops, printers and all active networking equipment on an unlimited basis for the duration of the contract as well as unlimited parts for hardware.   All problems are rectified within predefined timescales and the most appropriate response mechanism, for example, telephone, remote access or an onsite visit from on of our team of engineers.

Outsourced Helpdesk

Knowing you have an effective managed 24x7 Help Desk in place is essential to your business.  If you have IT issues and you are not able to get on top of them quickly, you could lose orders, damage your reputation and potentially cause irreparable damage to your brand.

Our service offering is our managed 24x7 technology help desk, allowing your users to contact us at any time of the day from any location whenever they experience an issue, whether that is for voice, data or general IT user support.

Our experienced and growing team are all specifically trained to help support you, using accepted industry processes to provide you with the service and technical excellence that you need, when you need it.

We offer a full range of transparent support options managed by your own account manager, including telephone support, remote support and hardware support, with full service desk performance reports provided as standard.


  • Significantly reduce IT staffing costs while being able to call on a knowledgeable team with high level accreditations from leading IT vendors, such as Microsoft, HP, Avaya, VMware, and more.
  • Concentrate on the other elements of your business, providing you with the Information Technology support platform that you need for success.
  • Confidently expand your business opening hours, knowing that you have skilled IT resources to cover every IT eventuality.
  • Improve your customer service through the effective use of IT systems and processes, knowing there is a knowledgeable team on hand when you need them.
  • Enjoy responsive, friendly help from our experienced and directly employed support team who are based in the UK.
  • Benefit from solid service level agreements and prioritised responses designed to deliver within guaranteed time frames.
  • Call on a single point of contact for all of your IT requirements.

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