Customers now expect a positive experience tailored to their personal preferences in how they communicate and to be consistently available on all channels.

But what makes a positive customer experience that’s beyond what customers expect?

While voice communications still plays a strong role, customers are increasingly turning to digital channels (email, web chat and social media). Customers want to choose how, when and where they interact with businesses, at their convenience and with complete flexibility to switch between channels. Essentially, you enable multi-media contact.

As a business, you need to hold all that information in one place. Customers are more likely to move - ‘churn’ - from a business that fails to take account of their preferences, purchasing history and other data. Now more than ever, your success as a business directly depends on how you handle each of these interactions and manage the customer’s experience.

An amazing customer experience can lead to loyal customers, and consistently amazing customer experiences across channels can turn your customer into an advocate for your company.

The challenge? Your contact centre agents need access to all information the business has received on your customer, across multiple channels, in order to deliver an amazing level of service. Our technology solutions give you the insight you need at every customer touch point.

Superior customer experience can directly affect the bottom line:

  • Lower costs by proactively keeping valuable customers and actively improving the relationship - reducing customer churn.
  • With our solutions - your agents will have the tools to know all the right information to accessorise and up-sell - boosting revenue.
  • Positive customer reviews and loyal customers are the best advocates for your brand.
  • You have more statistics for each individual customer experience and your overall performance
  • Contact agents paid on their KPIs directly affect the bottom line - our technology solutions will empower them to be more productive, and you (the business) can see their results.

Our contact centre solutions, whether on-premise or cloud-based, can streamline call centre operations and integrate new customer channels, such as social media, web chat, SMS and email. Our solutions will connect customers to the right person, with the right information – through multi-channel access and skills-based routing – the first time.

Your depth of knowledge from all previous customer touch points at every channel will allow you to direct customers to the right employees and can give those employees the tools they need to further proactively reach out to customers to resolve outstanding issues or offer new opportunities. You provide added value to your customer and target them in the right place to suit their communication preferences, saving time and effort on both sides.

Finance and insurance companies can utilise contact centre solutions to ensure compliance with the new MiFID II regulations in 2018.

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