Customer expectations have risen dramatically, requiring companies to develop a far broader set of capabilities for their customer interactions.

To be successful today, small and midsize businesses must be able to respond swiftly, efficiently and accurately to their customers no matter which channel of interaction – or combination of channels – customers choose.

How and where customers interact says a lot about them. Some may still like using the phone, but many more now prefer email, chat, and other online channels. What’s more, once they’ve shared information, they expect you to remember it – even if they move across channels. To compete on customer experience, you need a technology solution that makes this easy and seamless, and positive experiences lead to incremental sales.

Avaya IP Office Contact Centre provides a true end-to-end solution for businesses to differentiate their services, achieve better customer segmentation and increase the value of every single customer relationship. If you do that right, your business automatically brings satisfied and loyal customers and generates more revenue.

With Avaya IPOCC, you can integrate voice, email, and web chat channels, and proactively manage the entire customer interaction lifecycle.


  • All-in-one Customer Service Solution: Enables delivery of consistent, personalised service to customers across multiple media channels and locations.
  • Evolves with Your Business: Start with voice, and add multimedia channels without hardware.
  • Supervisor and Agent Desktop Interfaces: Easy-to-use supervisor and agent desktop interfaces enables fast end user adoption.
  • Fast Implementation with Minimum Disruption: Standard configurations provided in IPOCC can be up and running in a few days. Other features that require customisation such as managing calling queues to meet customer demands and other customer service scenarios and analytics can be configured to meet your needs within a few days or weeks depending on your business processes.

Talk to Telefonix today to find out how Avaya IPOCC can meet your expanding business needs with minimum disruption.