Unified Communications includes products (hardware, software and services) that combine all your communication tools and channels to provide a consistent, unified user experience for your agents across multiple devices and media, in the office or on the go, without ever leaving the application.

Email, text, and live voice can work seamlessly with instant messaging, audio/video conferencing and web collaboration in one interface with “presence” notification to indicate your availability in real time. You can use the mode best suited to each interaction - from one interface.

Why do businesses need Unified Communications?

One of the biggest challenges in business today is to connect increasing numbers of remote workers. The finance and insurance industry is one of many which is now facing this challenge, with further hurdles such as MiFID II now in place.

When you and your employees want to work completely wirelessly and bring your own devices, you need to be able to connect to customers and work in all channels, in any location and any situation. Telefonix Voice & Data can provide a Unified Comms solution to adapt all channels and tools to different styles of working, such as softphones or mobiles, email and video conferencing, and more.

Bring your own device: Reduce the need for costly handsets and other hardware on premise, allow employees to access and connect all of their work anywhere. Remote workers will be seamlessly connected to teams and customers with all the business information they need in one place.

Benefits to your business:

  • Optimise performance, productivity and decision making with all the communication tools in any location, and increase availability and presence - particularly for remote working.
  • Reduce costs - you no longer need to invest in handsets and other equipment on site, and you can reduce travel costs by replacing meetings with video conferences and web collaboration.
  • Boost your competitive advantage - increase your responsiveness and maintain excellent connections to customers via all channels, in real-world conditions.
  • Increased scalability and flexibility to support every location as you grow.
  • Boost productivity, enhance relationships and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Boost your ethical credentials - businesses that embrace remote working and replace meetings with audio/video conferencing reduce their carbon footprint and reduce the demand for equipment by using cloud applications.

We can set up our Unified Comms solutions across a choice of devices but we can also ensure your contact details follow you everywhere.

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