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Avaya Scopia and Avaya Video Conferencing Solutions

Transform your business collaboration with Avaya Scopia video conferencing solutions across all devices.

You don't just need a technology partner.


You need a communications partner that will provide you with the best team engagement solutions to propel your business forward and connect customers and employees. 

As a Avaya Sapphire Partner, we offer Avaya Scopia video conferencing solution with complete expertise. We help your business increase its channels to create an entire network of team magic.

Avaya's Scopia solution offers world class suit of all-device, integrated, high quality video conferencing. Telefonix installs and manages the service for you so you can just focus on the exceptional user experience and high quality provided by Scopia Avaya.

Avaya's Scopia solution (previously know as Radvision, aquired by Avaya in 2012) provides a world class suite of all-device video-conferencing, fully integrated into the Avaya IP Office platform.

This solution provides an easy and cost effective way to personalize connections with clients and colleagues. The system does not require special technical skills and we provide managed services for the hardware, software and application integration - making them ideal for any business, big or small.

  • Use high quality HD video for real-time face-to-face video conference engagement with just a click, remotely and in the office, so teams can get together wherever they are.
  • Join any video conference easily from desktop or mobile devices, regardless of location, inside or outside your organisation, in free applications.
  • Bring your own device with standards-based enterprise-grade mobile HD video conferencing applications.
  • Give your salesforce an extra tool to quickly get in the running by using rapport-building eye-to-eye video conferencing to engage with and demo to prospects.
  • Add to your company's green credentials - replace travel costs and your carbon footprint with HD video conference calls instead of meetings.
  • Stand out from the amateurs - use leading, powerful video technology that includes immersive telepresence, virtual rooms and desktop applications with an unparalleled video collaboration experience.
  • Conduct professional meetings with HD quality video and crystal-clear audio delivered through self-optimising signal preservation.
  • Record your meetings for playback and take notes afterwards.


  • Connect dispersed staff without travel
  • Connect with remote experts for consultation, training or interviews.
  • Make a presentation to a vendor or customer
  • View data and presentations in real-time.
  • Discuss and make decisions at any time or place. 
  • The Scopia XT500 Series, our flagship product, incorporates dual 1080p/60fps live video and content, HD audio, simultaneous H.264 High Profile and Scalable Video Coding (SVC), and multi‑party calling.

IP Office Scopia Package

  • Scopia MCU Server
  • 720p60 5X zoom PTZ camera (Camera is upgradable to 1080p60 and 10X zoom with proper licenses)
  • 3 Way microphone pod
  • Embedded MCU 9 license @ 720p30fps (1 Local EP + 8 Remote); (MCU is upgradable to 1080p30 with proper License)
  • 12 mbps license option
  • Scopia XT Desktop Software for PC and Mobile clients support (downloadable from client support)
  • Stellar bandwidth efficiency and error resiliency with H.265 High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) and Scalable Video Coding (SVC).
  • 2nd LAN License option for FW solution
  • Cable, Power Kit, Remote control. 


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