When your business needs to move offices, your business phone lines, business phone systems and business broadband needs to keep up.

Business relocation and business expansion presents a perfect opportunity to assess your business needs, make employee relocation smoother, and upgrade IT and telecommunications solutions to ensure your business can thrive.

When you move offices a business needs to ensure that your business phone lines, business phone system and business broadband, connectivity can also be moved.

  • Does your new office location have the right connectivity or available connections to support high-speed business fibre broadband or leased lines?
  • Can you transfer your existing business telephone lines or do you need to move your old ISDN lines, which BT are discontinuing, to SIP Trunks?
  • Is the structured wiring in your new office capable of managing your new business phone system?
  • Would your business benefit from moving to a more cost-effective cloud telephone solution and subscription package which is flexible to scale with your business to accommodate seasonal fluctuations?

These are just a few of the decisions that a business needs to consider when moving office, however, with a wide variety of solutions on the market, it is vital to ensure that your phone system, business broadband, and phone lines are competitive.

Sometimes a bespoke solution including business broadband, business phone lines, and a business phone system is needed to ensure you get the right solution tailored to your needs.

Your office move can help you improve your:

Customer Experience

Deliver consistent service throughout the move and connect with customers before, during and after your move, anywhere.


Relocation no longer has to mean down time - in fact it’s the perfect testing environment for increased productivity and adaptability.

Cyber Security

Ensure you have the right server systems and cloud solutions for your evolving business needs as you move.

Disaster Recovery

No single point of failure - whether you have on-site solutions or move to the cloud, your business no longer has to be dependent on your physical location.

Improve what your business is capable of… with the right solutions for your new offices.

That's where we come in.

Telefonix delivers business solutions as a trusted technology partner. Our team of solution experts have leveraged deep technical expertise to move businesses out of the past and into the future of communications.

A time of business relocation is an ideal time to put this in place. And we are the ideal partner to do this for you, whether you are a fledgling start-up or a large enterprise, whether you are moving office or connecting and expanding multiple sites.

For the last 30 years, our dedicated team has expanded growing, multi-site businesses, and managed an average every single month.

What we do:

  • Carry out complete site surveys with qualified, specialist engineers.
  • Assess how your technology can help your business goals.
  • Design bespoke updated Unified Communications systems for your business growth.
  • Create your disaster recovery and business continuity plan.
  • Co-ordinate removal and installation of business phone lines, broadband and leased lines when moving office.
  • Re-route contact details, applications and upgrades to move office with you.
  • Migrate or upgrade your systems - whether you use on-premise, hosted cloud or hybrid communications systems.
  • Test and liaise with supplier so all systems are fully operational from day one, and manage your 'go live' switch over.
  • Provide and review ongoing support and improvement for all IT and phone systems.
  • Provide training for staff where needed.

With bespoke Unified Communications and Cloud solutions we can ensure you have the best for your business.

Want some help or advice, why not contact us?