Dolby Voice® makes conferencing exceptionally clear, natural, and productive by delivering an in-person experience.

Conferencing is an indispensable communication tool for today’s global and mobile work environment. However, despite the widespread use of audio, web, and video conferencing, productivity is diminished by technical limitations of the audio that detract from the experience and prevent natural interactions.

Meetings too often end up being awkward and inefficient, with users either fatigued by the effort to participate or completely disengaged.

Dolby Voice: Hear every dimension

Dolby Voice® transforms conferencing audio quality and improves productivity by giving conference calls and video conferencing the natural sound and feel of an in-person meeting.

The solution delivers the high-quality audio people expect from Dolby, using innovative technology that lets participants more easily understand what is being said, determine who is speaking, and participate as if they were all in the same room.

Dolby Voice enabled audio conferencing services provide the best audio experience, one that’s available wherever you work. You can attend on your computer, your mobile phone, and the Dolby® Conference Phone. Dolby has also partnered with BlueJeans Network to deliver exceptional audio with a cloud video conferencing that works with any system.

The Dolby® Conference Phone brings everyone into the room

An integral part of the Dolby Voice® solution and packed with innovation, it is the only phone that can extend the full Dolby Voice experience and productivity benefits to meeting rooms.

Natural conversation

The unique Dolby spatial voice separation lets you hear each person from a distinct virtual location. You’ll understand and keep track of who’s speaking, and conversation flows more like it does in face-to-face meetings.

Everyone—even those with soft voices—can be heard, so you can easily contribute without having to shout. Dolby Voice also supports simultaneous speech so that participants can talk (and hear) at the same time.

We expect exceptional audio when we go to the movies, isn’t it time that business audio and video conferencing caught up?