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Xima Call Recording & Reporting Software For Contact Centres

The best call recording solutions with dynamic software for all your agent call recording, monitoring, and reporting needs.

Imagine no more - the next evolution of call recording has arrived. Xima’s Chronicall offers a host of useful features that are designed to overcome to the limitations of conventional call reporting software.

Xima Chronicall has established itself as a trusted name across the globe since making a strong lanch into the US market and continues to provide powerful call statistics to a variety of contact service centres and call centres and any business striving to improve their customer service and customer experiences.

Being a call centre manager has just got a whole lot easier. Chronicall has the capability to streamline an abundance of tasks including employee training, monitoring trends, gauging efficiency and agent reporting - giving you more time and resources to allocate to driving your bigger business priorities, and meeting compliance regulations such as MiFID II for Insurance and Financial Services.

There’s no need to change your processes, your communication infrastructure, or even your devices. Chronicall even works holistically with Avaya Voicemail Pro to create a full Avaya call contact centre solution across Avaya's networks. Chronicall ticks all the boxes as a holistic software solution to your call recording, monitoring and reporting needs.

What makes Xima Chronicall different?

Besides a multitude of advanced features, seamlessly connects to your phone system without the need to reconfigure anything - making it easy to deploy at scale. Simply plug it in and begin.

When installed, the software begins logging all the vital information you could possibly need from the moment the call begins, to the second it ends. What’s more is that a single license allows for unlimited and unrestricted reporting.

Standard reports

Collecting data is important, but the ability to interpret data swiftly and correctly is imperative. Chronicall brings with it a variety of standard reports, each equipped with charts and graphs to illustrate everything from the simplest criteria to the most detailed call statistics. This also makes our calls fully PCI call recording compliant. 

Custom reports

Xima’s developers understand that every business is different and have therefore recognised that you may need a more personalised solution to your reporting. That’s why you’re given the ability to generate custom reports to give you a tailored insight into your call data.

Recording library

With Chronicall’s recording library, you’ll never miss out on the important stuff ever again. As a core feature, the recording library has proven itself to be indispensable to improving employee performance and enhancing quality control measures.

Effortless integration with the Cradle to Grave application means that you’ve got access to all the important information you need to evaluate overall call centre performance and efficiency.

Call recording software with high quality and playbacks for each record.


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With Chronicall Real-time, you’re empowered with the ability to respond to things as they happen. With three supervisor displays including Agent Timeline, Group Timeline and Realtime Stats, you can rest assured that you’re in control.

As soon as a call comes in or an agent’s status changes, the supervisor displays are updated accordingly and the new data is exhibited in real-time.

This helps you to track specific metrics such as time elapsed on do not disturb, group login/logout and idle time. Real-time is also ideal for performance analysis, since data is recorded and archived into the agent’s individual profile.

Agent dashboards

Chronicall’s Agent Dashboards gives you a birds-eye view of your agent’s performance. The feature allows for accurate data management, improved customer experience, and enhanced productivity. The core features include:

  • Agent Dashboard Display
  • Pop Screen with Web-based CRM API
  • Agent DND/Aux/Release Codes
  • Job Code / Disposition Code Assistance

With the Agent Dashboard displays, you’re able to extract the real-time data from the web browser and place onto the desktop. Agents are given the ability to monitor their own statistics individually, as a group, or the entire call centre without even opening Chronicall. Every top-line metric they would need to know is made available on their screen continuously.


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