Imagine no more - the next evolution of call recording has arrived. Xima’s Chronicall offers a host of useful features that are designed to overcome to the limitations of conventional call reporting software.

Xima Chronicall has established itself as a trusted name across the globe since making a strong launch into the US market and continues to provide powerful call statistics to a variety of contact service centres and call centres and any business striving to improve their customer service and customer experiences.

Being a call centre manager has just got a whole lot easier. Chronicall has the capability to streamline an abundance of tasks including employee training, monitoring trends, gauging efficiency and agent reporting - giving you more time and resources to allocate to driving your bigger business priorities, and meeting compliance regulations such as MiFID II for Insurance and Financial Services.

There’s no need to change your processes, your communication infrastructure, or even your devices. Chronicall even works holistically with Avaya Voicemail Pro to create a full Avaya call contact centre solution across Avaya's networks. Chronicall ticks all the boxes as a holistic software solution to your call recording, monitoring and reporting needs.

What makes Xima Chronicall different?

Besides a multitude of advanced features, seamlessly connects to your phone system without the need to reconfigure anything - making it easy to deploy at scale. Simply plug it in and begin.

When installed, the software begins logging all the vital information you could possibly need from the moment the call begins, to the second it ends. What’s more is that a single license allows for unlimited and unrestricted reporting.

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