Spam mail can cause more damage than you might expect, so it’s important to have an effective solution in place to protect you. The security of your business should be a high priority, and it’s an issue we take very seriously. Not only can spam mail clog up your inbox and network traffic, they can carry viruses that cause serious damage to your computer, or steal your personal and business information.

Spam is a serious threat to business cyber security.

The best cyber security solutions will not help you if an insider clicks on a malicious link in their inbox - whether in email, social media, or any other shared collaboration channels.

Employees are the first line of defence with spam emails with malicious links and staff training can raise awareness on what to look out for. Email and social media are accessed on business and personal devices, over different networks and in different locations. Year on year, the majority of attacks come through email and hackers are becoming more sophisticated. Clicking on one link with malware can spread quickly through your entire business network and the consequences to businesses can be huge.

A robust and reliable antispam solution prioritises the mail that is key to your business and protects your business network from the harmful mail that can not only clutter up your inbox, but potentially infect your computer and ruin your entire network. We have a proven track record of keeping you, your inbox, your business network and your important data safe and secure.

We use a cloud based operational solution to filter and manage your inbox, keeping it safe from unwanted and malicious mail.

Our knowledgeable technical experts handle every aspect of the setup, maintenance and ongoing cyber security updates to ensure your anti-spam solution provides the best operational protection against the latest cyber threats . This allows your business to enjoy the immediate benefits of our advance anti-spam system, and continue working at your best with full peace of mind.

Specific benefits:

  • Protection for both your inbound and outbound mail
  • Free up bandwidth by blocking unwanted traffic
  • Detection and protection against virus, spyware and phishing
  • Email attachment scanning
  • Smart filtering rules to maintain your safety

Whether your business is a start-up working from hot desks, or an enterprise with an onsite exchange server, our experts are available to discuss the best solution for all your inbox security needs.

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