Setting up your data centre or computer room can be an expensive process with high capital outlay and day-to-day management costs. Combined with the challenges of adding new services and performing routine technology upgrades, its no wonder that small and medium size business choose to outsource these services.

Our server rental and security services typically cost less than in-house IT services and perform at a much higher level. With fibre optic connections, with the capacity to support VSAT, wireless or terrestrial, our data centre is a safe, reliable, flexible and affordable home for your network.

As a carrier-neutral data centre, we support multiple ISPs, allowing you to choose your carrier, utilise the Telefonix network, or transfer seamlessly between other carriers, all the time getting the best prices and services due to vendor competition.

Data is sent along the most reliable path and delivered as fast as possible. In the event of downtime with your primary server, the entire network switches to an alternate site. This type of outsourced disaster recovery costs a fraction of what it would to set it up in-house and keeps your systems running at maximum capacity.

With security as paramount, we use the latest firewalls/IDS systems to detect and arrest unauthorised advances. Firewalls and security systems need to be updated immediately, and a co-location provider such as ours can provide updated security at the right time and right cost.

With an outsourced data centre like ours, you:

  • Minimise waste, deploying resources effectively
  • Can expect the highest levels of dedicated service
  • Have constant access to qualified technical personnel with certifications like MCSE who monitor your networks and server 24/7 and prevent an impending problem developing into a crisis
  • Know that our strict SLA ensures that you get a guaranteed level of services - better than what you might have in-house
  • Get the advantage of our years of experience in managing data centres and qualified technical personnel working to keep your business-critical systems functioning smoothly around the clock
  • Take advantage of a 24x7 support contract should a problem arise.

To recap, here’s why you should partner with Telefonix Voice & Data:

  • Converged specialisation (covering both voice and computer data)
  • Cut costs (in the range of 20%-70%)
  • Better space utilisation/data storage
  • IT operations outsourced, enabling inhouse IT resources to focus on business priorities
  • No downtime or disruption to your services/output
  • Safe and secure networks – Full peace of mind
  • High-level onsite security

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