Disaster Recovery

Make sure your business is prepared for every worst case scenario - from cyber threat recovery to physical disasters.

Your business can be prepared for an threat beyond your control. All it takes is recovery planning.

Data Disaster Recovery

What is the cost of losing your business data? This is the number one cyber security threat. But if your business doesn't deploy the right back up or cloud solutions you are just as dependent on physical disaster.

Our disaster recovery plans can include advanced application suites which mirror and backup your software and data onto a virtual server. So if the worst happens - a critical server shuts down, your office is physically at risk or your critical devices are broken or stolen - the virtual server can be loaded and your company can be back in action within half an hour with no data lost at all.

This also helps you mitigate the risk of cyber threats, such as ransomware. The right back up means any hacker will have no power over your business when it shuts down your system and demands a ransom - you can simply use the backed up data.

The key is to plan for disaster - and give you complete peace of mind.

Voice Disaster Recovery

If your business relies more on calls and call recordings, we have a variety of voice disaster recovery solutions for your business cyber security plans.

Our telephone lines can have 100% redundancy built in with a mirrored backup of your main PBX - and this can be accessed remotely, as part of our maintenance and service. Alternatively, a backup mobile PBX system can kick into action if your main PBX fails.

Key features:

  • Very fast recovery: your critical systems back in only 30 minutes
  • Very simple to set-up: it takes about 20 minutes to install the appliance on your network
  • Full maintenance provided: no specialist skills required from your staff or any need for changes to how they run your systems
  • Virtualisation technology: the use of virtualisation technology means no expensive hardware or maintenance costs
  • Simple, predictable low monthly costs: scalable and based on required rescue platform capacity and data.

Telefonix Voice & Data offers a range of network disaster recovery applications to enable you to ensure that your business can keep going, regardless of the situation it finds itself in.

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