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As a carer, or someone working within the care industry, you’ll be fully aware of the social responsibility your organisation carries in the wider community. With so many people needing care at some point in their lives, whether that be the elderly or those with a medical condition, you’ll need the latest in business telephony to ensure you can focus on giving the best care you can.

So let’s delve into some of the technology issues that you and your staff face on a regular basis in the care environment. First up, we know how important it is for employees to remain contactable via mobile, especially in the care business where situations can change extremely quickly. An intuitive mobile app, linked directly to the cloud phone system set up in the branches, can allow for the company number to be displayed when calls are made and received, meaning no personal mobile number is needed.

This is far from the only benefit that advanced telephony can provide. If an employee is on leave or unavailable, the work number can be pointed to another member of staff, to ensure a seamless transition when calls are made. Safety is of course paramount to employees who are out on the road and travelling over long distances, so another technology innovation is the ability to use geolocation tracking. That way you can always be sure that employees are where they need to be, with ultimate peace of mind.

Employee changes within the business can sometimes mean that re-assigning mobiles and other devices to new staff or covering staff can be a long winded process. Telephony features can be easily re-assigned to new staff, without any of the hassle of wiping mobiles or deleting old information. Incoming calls can be easily transferred to locations all over the world, meaning business owners who travel frequently across the globe can still remain contactable.

On top of app functionality, utilising a cloud system within the business allows for free calls between staff, no matter where they are, even if its an international location. Cost effective bundled minutes mean that cost savings can be made across the business, reducing the annual phone bill and allowing savings to be reinvested where it really matters.

You may be aware of the buzz around flexible working, and its increasing popularity in UK businesses. If your care business is utilising remote workers, how efficient is the technology currently being used? We can set up groups and voicemail capabilities, including routing calls to remote workers, meaning no unnecessary outlay on a call answering service from a 3rd party.

Talk to us today about how we can ease some of the issues you may be facing with your telephony, and ensure that you can focus on giving the best care to your residents.

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