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Video conferencing drives small business growth

You've heard the video conferencing pitch before: save travel costs, save time, and save your carbon footprint.

But you are a small business. You (and your managers) have bigger things to think about than cutting out travel time or your miniscule environmental impact. You’re not about to get rid of your normal meetings any time soon. You’re not growing that quickly… are you?

Maybe you could be.

Here's 3 ways video conferencing drives small business growth and collaboration.

1) When you don’t have a meeting room

Large enterprises might have more established offices and venues, but your small business doesn’t have a meeting room to accommodate customers. Renting a conference room is excessive - but inviting your customer to a virtual meeting room is easy from any device and from any location.

Your company started with determined salespeople knocking on doors, the traditional way. Your sales team are most successful when they spend all day making calls. How can video help you?

Video conferencing solutions can help your business reach across more locations with more visibility than a phone call. At the touch of a button, you can be face-to-face with your prospect and customer, making location irrelevant.

Plus, if your business needs to relocate, you don’t have to leave your customers behind. 

When your meetings have crisp quality across mobile devices or business phone systems, and have high quality connectivity and resolution, you don’t just cut down the cost and time spent on each individual meeting - you are able to establish rapport quickly and with more people.

You can reach customers at scale with live or recorded pitches or events - and, you can widen the net and reach customers beyond the travel radius of your company.

2) When you have a lot of frequently asked questions

Using video in marketing is helping businesses achieve their business goals. In a recent marketing study, 81% of marketers linked using video in their marketing to a direct increase in sales, and 76% reported increased traffic to their website.

Product demonstrations and explainer videos drive sales. These can be held live with customers, recorded, and then shared across all your business channels. In fact, 53% of businesses have said that video decreased support call volume. This can free up time to address more difficult queries - such as how to deliver the products and services to your customers and grow your business.

You can host video conferences and webinars for product launches and campaigns, enabling your business to reach more people and maintain relationships as your small business evolves.

3) When you need to meet more people in less time

It’s true that arranging regular video meetings is cheaper than flying a team over to the other side of the world. But you’re a UK based company and you don’t have global customers - so how often does cost really come into the equation?

You hardly spend much out of your budget travelling to venues and meetings, and that’s just part of your company culture. You might not even keep track of all those expenses right now. 

Conference rooms only apply to big businesses with the upfront investment and you can use many free video cloud apps in a pinch, right? 

Does high quality video conferencing really have value for your business?

There is more cost to your business than just payment - there is opportunity cost, too. Now your business is growing. Your sales efforts are paying off more than you thought - and now you are short on staff. This is where you need a specifically designed small business virtual phone system.

With cloud video solutions you can offer the right services to customers who might never have done business with you if they had to set up a meeting - perhaps they can't get to your location.

Networking and meeting more customers is the driving force of your business pipeline. If you are focused on business growth, you need to meet more customers, while also keeping your current customers. Oh, and high quality video conferencing can help you recruit faster, too.

It can be hard, if not impossible, to meet enough people in one day to ensure a steady stream of contacts. The more sales pitches you can fit into one day, the more chances you have to get ahead of your competitors. Mobile collaboration tools in conjuction with the right small business phone system give you the flexibility to stay ahead.

Travelling to meet your customers down the road ad hoc can accumulate over months and years. With video, you can fit more meetings into each day with more efficiency. You can share screens and work in collaboration with more people at the same time with digital phone systems for business, too.

In conclusion, every step of the way, high quality and better connected video meetings can help you grow your business and empower your teams to maintain better relationships.

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Why your business should love live video

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