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Customer Experience 101: How call recording upskills your staff

“We create solutions that make management simple. Being in a management position is not an easy thing to do… we provide simple and intuitive custom call reporting, call recording and call display solutions that make managing your team simple.” - Xima

Train new staff

Cloud based communications with recording can improve the way you train your contact centre employees and temps.

“Calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes”

If your business is seasonal or has peaks in customer enquiries at different times of the year, you might spend a lot of time training a constant stream of new staff. Basing your induction around the wealth of evidence contained in call recordings can make the whole process more efficient.

Your new employees, temps and interns can listen to real examples of the best calls, how to handle common problems or frequently asked questions specific to your company and get context for your scripts with a curated sample from your library of recordings.

Personalised reports and searchable databases of call recordings stored in the cloud phone system can cut the time needed to sift through call recordings for different individuals, different calls and different times of day. A sample of good, bad and problematic calls can be sourced, based on your strategic goals and provide a benchmark for one-to-one training and group activities.

“Having access to recordings means that an organisation can easily demonstrate and define what good and bad calls sound like in individual or group agent training sessions – whether that definition is geared around basic compliance, sales technique or more subtle facets such as tone and empathy.” - Call Centre Helper

Don't stop feedback when you stop training

The well-known McKinsey business study found one-on-one feedback was a more effective motivator than cash or stock options and leads to happier employees. But as a Customer Experience Manager, this can be difficult to do right. You have competing priorities and demands from stakeholders, customers, suppliers - and your boss (even that's yourself!)

We realise full understanding of your employees’ challenges and strengths is imperative to give the most valuable feedback. This is especially difficult with a contact centre of 50, 100 or more agents, for example. How do you keep on top of it?

Collecting data is important, but the ability to interpret data swiftly and correctly is imperative. Xima Chronicall can create a variety of reports, equipped with charts and graphs to illustrate the simplest of criteria or the most detailed call statistics. This also provides PCI call recording compliance

With this information, you can track improvements and challenges at every stage of the customer journey, and how this has changed month by month, or year by year. You can collect these achievements to make regular announcements to boost morale.

Is your business a bit different? Are you looking at small office phone system options?

You may need a more personalised solution to your reporting. You have the ability to generate custom reports for tailored insight. The end result of your agents being informed is to deal with customers with more informed recommendations and more empathy.

Using call reporting tools to streamline employee training, monitor trends, gauge efficiency and agent reporting can free up your time and resources creating amazing customer experiences that power your business goals. Call recording is pivotal in the insurance and finance industries with the implmentation of MiFID II.

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