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5 ways Horizon Collaborate will transform Unified Communications

While the medium of phone conversation will not lose its importance in the business world, it is pivotal for modern businesses to remain contactable through new mediums of communication. The same applies when employees need to speak internally, with instant messaging and video conferencing vital for office bound staff and remote workers.

Up until now many businesses have had to mix and match different solutions to have true Unified Communications across the organisation. Horizon Collaborate however has combined all these competencies into one easy-to-use interface. Through these new features, there are several ways Collaborate can transform communications in your business, and provide true UC.

1) It delivers on instant messaging

You may find that your employees chop and change between a third party instant messaging interface and their deskphone to communicate with colleagues. With Collaborate, online chat is a feature built in to the application. This reduces email traffic between colleagues, which can get cluttered and confusing when it comes to keeping a record of conversations. With Collaborate, all types of communication between users is kept in one easy to monitor record.

2) It takes video conferencing and document sharing to the next level

Clunky audio and blurry screens define video conferencing of the past, but Collaborate has clear video that’s native to the interface, eliminating the need for switching to a non-integrated third party video conferencing solution with potentially poor usability and quality. Users will be able to easily switch between instant messaging and moving into a video call if the situation calls for it. It also allows for screen sharing, meaning that workers can easily collaborate on documents with their colleagues, with beneficial alterations being made in real time.

3) It allows remote working and communication from a variety of devices

Collaborate is driven through applications that are compatible with Windows, Android, MAC and iOS, meaning you can use your favourite devices in conjunction with the service, no matter your personal preference. The Presence feature makes it easy for you to show your status to colleagues at any time, whether you’re available, in a meeting, or on leave.

4) It features full outlook integration

A common problem with many conferencing solutions is the lack of integration with Outlook, meaning employees need to send invites separately through email and then link to the audio/video solution they intend to use. With Collaborate, invites can be sent through the app, and pre-filled with the correct information before being sent over to the contact on their Outlook. This invite then automatically integrates and updates in the recipient’s Outlook calendar once accepted.

5) It caters to a variety of business sectors

No matter your industry, Collaborate has the tools to ensure your business works efficiently. Its audio and video capabilities allow recruitment agencies to arrange mock interviews and assessment day prep for roles. The document sharing feature means CV and cover letters can be analysed and worked on in real time between recruitment consultant and candidate. In the education sector, parent and teacher conferences can take place via audio and video, and the screen sharing feature makes it easy for essay feedback to be shared online.

Prepare for the future

The technology world is rapidly changing, and Unified Communications is set to be used by 90% of customers in 2020. Horizon Collaborate with Connect provides the UC solutions that the millennial generation demand, ensuring that the work smartphone can utilise all the features that were previously restricted to desk phones and computers.

Talk to Telefonix today about Horizon Collaborate and how it works with Connect to provide the full Unified Communications experience.

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