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As a vet and animal lover, you’ll no doubt be fully aware of the popularity of owning pets in the UK. In fact, almost half of all UK adults own a pet, which equates to an enormous business sector for veterinary practices. To keep up with the demand, your practice needs to be as efficient as possible in terms of its communications and technology solutions.

Struggling to deal with the influx of calls in the morning?

If your telephony is not quite up to scratch, you and your team may dread the 9am rush for appointments. As the calls flood in, you need a solution which can queue calls effectively, prioritise emergency calls, and provide an auto attendant for those that call in. That way you’ll never miss a call from a customer, and the customers themselves will have full transparency of where they are in the call queue.

Is your customer record system disconnected from your phones?

When a customer calls in, time could easily be saved if their customer record was linked to the phone system. As the call is made, the details of that customer can be shown on the phone’s screen, so the receptionist knows who is calling and can quickly bring up the medical history of their pet. Not only does this help the receptionist, but shows visiting customers that the practice is dedicated to technological advancements in customer experience.

Is being tied to your desk phone becoming a hassle?

If you’re part of a small practice, it may become frustrating for staff to run back and forth between a ringing phone and the numerous other duties that need to be undertaken. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Fixed mobile convergence allows for all of your desk phone features to be utilised on your mobile. This means more freedom around the practice, and also allows for vets to make home visits whilst still being in close contact with the practice.

Unify communications in your practice

If any of the above sounds familiar, it’s time to look at the communications options for your veterinary practice. Through the unification of communications devices, you can easily increase productivity, efficiency, and save on costs in your business, especially if your phone system is still on ISDN.

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