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Embrace a complete cloud solution with Office 365

We provide a range of Microsoft Office 365 packages for businesses looking to utilise cloud technology in their operations


Office 365 enables you to work at any place, at any time, and on any device.

More and more companies are now utilising the benefits of cloud solutions in their operations. Office 365 takes your most important Microsoft programs and transforms them for 21st century business operations.

Telefonix Voice & Data offers several different Office 365 packages including business, business premium, business essentials, and the exchange email package as a stand alone option.

Our recommended Business Premium package contains, among others, the following applications:

  • OneDrive for business - Personal storage in the cloud.
  • Exchange Online - Hosted, business class email.
  • SharePoint Online - A company wide accessible content sharing platform.
Concerned about moving your operations to the cloud?
There are many prevalent myths on the apparent dangers of moving your business operations to the cloud and operating through a solution such as Office 365.
Download the eBook to discover the most commonly believed myths of moving operations to the cloud, and explore the numerous benefits of embracing Office 365 as a business.


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In truth, cloud technology provides a range of benefits, and Office 365 offers the following...

Telefonix Voice & Data Technology for Insurance

Your office - available from anywhere

Even if you are far from your office and out on the road, you can access the standard suite of office applications using your tablet, phone or laptop. Anywhere and at anytime.

Professional business-class email

Utilise Microsoft Exchange Online, which is a hosted, business-class email and calendars that can be accessed across your devices.

Personal storage accessible remotely

Have access to plenty of personal cloud storage with OneDrive for business, with 1TB of storage that can be accessed from anywhere.

Content and data shared between employees

Content and data can be shared between employees through the use of Sharepoint Online, and encourage collaboration across the business.

Your business operations are more collaborative with the use of Office 365

Telefonix Voice & Data - Employee collaboration

Collaborate easily with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams provides a online chat based workspace for employees to collaborate easily, with the ability to arrange video meetings in high quality.
Telefonix Voice & Data Tablet Collaboration

Several collaborators can edit documents in real time

Change and work on documents together in real time, with each person seeing their colleague's edits as it happens.
Telefonix Voice & Data - Collaboration on laptop

HD video, VoIP and dial-in audio conferencing options

With state of the art HD video and VoIP audio, ensure that nothing is missed in collaborative meetings

Collaborate with ease through Office 365

With Microsoft Office 365 you can make collaboration a cornerstone of your business operations. With files stored in the cloud, co-authoring allows you to work on the same document as others in the company, and when the work is complete, safely store it on your personal OneDrive account or on SharePoint for others to edit later.

One-click sharing means files can be instantly shared with those who you wish to collaborate with, and permissions can be easily managed. Files can be attached easily from OneDrive or SharePoint, and permissions can be configured for each file across all the different apps. OneNote allows for all workers' notes to be stored in a centralised place, and can be shared across multiple devices.

When making changes to shared documents, an integrated activity feed and version history allows you to keep tabs on edits made by others, and ensure you have a record before you make your own edits. 


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Not only is remote working possible with Office 365, but your work is backed up and safe too

Telefonix Voice & Data Cloud Security

Your data is always secure in the cloud

Even if disaster strikes, all your company's data will be stored in the cloud with Office 365
Telefonix Voice & Data Office 365 Security

Encryption of customer data

Multiple encryption technologies are in place when you use Office 365, ensuring your data is confidential
Telefonix Voice & Data Fingerprint Security

Defence against cyber attacks

Office 365 uses state of the art security principles in order to defend against cyber attacks

Office 365 can ease any cyber security concerns you have

Even the largest companies have been victim to cyber attacks in the last few years. When surveyed, over half (54%) of company boards cited cyber attacks as a top risk to their business.

It is therefore of paramount importance to utilise a system that is secure and with Office 365 you can be safe in the knowledge that your data is safe from external threats.

As your data is always saved to the cloud, disaster recovery is a simple and easy process with back ups of your most important files always made available. 

By running your Office 365 operations over a leased line with Telefonix, you are assured of superfast speeds and even more security from your own exclusive internet connection.

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