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Avaya IP Office Platform - Cloud & On-Premise

The IP Office Platform is a cost-effective system that supports mobile collaboration across an increasingly distributed workforce with voice and video on virtually any device.

Experience Is Everything: Aim for unforgettable customer service and unquestionable employee satisfaction, every time. Make this easier to achieve with Avaya IP Office, the ultimate phone system for business. 

Plug and play with Avaya IP office phones and scale up as your business grows. Power your office with Avaya IP and ultimately increase team engagement with instant audio and video. You’ll have the power of a unified communications system that lets you engage everyone—your teams, your customers, your partners. The return on investment due to better collaboration and workflow will outweigh any cost.


The Avaya Vantage is an Android enabled handset with premium features - Find out more

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As your technology partner we offer support for all Avaya IP Office installed products. So you can be a true digital business with the multi-media phone system with multiple channels as you need them.

  • Transform the way you conduct business by creating a seamless engagement experience for your customers and employees. Users can have telephony, messaging, conferencing, contact center, video, and unified communications at your fingertips—all in a flexible platform with easy expansion.
  • Protect your investment with a solution that easily and affordably scales as your communications needs change. Starting with as few as five users, IP Office easily expands to 3,000 users, at a single site or up to 150 locations, making it ideal as a telephone system for small business or larger entities.
  • Enable your mobile workforce to collaborate and promote commerceany place, any time, and on any device, across applications. Move your business to true mobile collaboration.
  • Reduce IT overhead with true plug and play that effortlessly rolls out applications to your staff. WebRTC applications provide click-to-call capabilities from Google for Work, Salesforce.com, and Microsoft Office 365.
  • Rely on Avaya support services to optimize your solution’s performance. We can help you maximize system uptime and protect your investment in Avaya technology.
  • Accelerate growth by using a complete IP Office solution to create seamless engagement throughout your business. Move on from analog phone systems that are holding your business back and use the proven benefits of SIP trunks and VoIP. Run SIP trunks over a leased line for even more reliability.

Team engagement can accelerate growth and revolutionise how you do business. The IP Office Platform reduces the cost to power your business goals.

To find out more about how popular systems such as Avaya IP Office 500 can meet your mobile and telephony needs and provide the best Unified Communications experience contact us today. Also be sure to read our blog detailing the benefits of Avaya IP office and how it can enhance your business operations.

Telefonix is one of the most long standing accredited Avaya Edge Sapphire partners.  Talk to our Solution Experts and don't forget to read our Customer Experience Blogs.


Find out about the Avaya IP Office Cloud business phone solution - it's easy and fast to move your communications to the cloud.


A Purpose-Built and Unified System

Accelerate growth and transform your business with a complete, integrated solution—collaboration, mobility, multichannel contact center, networking, security, video, and support services—all from a single source.

Business Communications Engagement Everywhere

Enable unbound commerce regardless of place, time, device, or application. Employees can engage anywhere and anytime to capture opportunities and create value.

Administration Made Simple and Straightforward

Eliminate IT headaches by centrally managing your IP Office solution with web-based administration, whether you have five users or 3,000, in one location or across up to 150 sites around the world.

Features that make the Avaya IP Office Platform the defacto for businesses who want reliable and modern communication platforms.


  • Avaya One-X Communicator

  • Avaya IP Handsets

  • Avaya Soft Console

Avaya One X Mobile.jpg

Avaya One-X Communicator

Avaya one-X® Communicator is a rich unified communications client that can be deployed on desktop or laptop computers running either Microsoft® Windows or Apple® Mac operating systems.

Communicate more efficiently with simple, intuitive access to your everyday communication tools.  Bring together voice calling, audio conferencing, corporate directories, and communication logs into one easy-to-use solution on your desktop or laptop:

Efficient Communication: Manage your video, voicemail, email, IM, conferencing, and communication history—all from a single interface.

High-Definition Video: Improve your productivity, speed decision-making, and save travel expenses with face-to-face communications.

Mobile Flexibility:  Bring your office with you. Make and receive audio calls on your mobile, desk, or home phone, or using VoIP on your computer.

Features and Benefits

Click to Call: Call anyone in your corporate directory Microsoft Outlook contact list, as well as phone numbers on web pages or in emails.

Make Collaboration Easier:  See your colleagues’ presence, availability and contact options. Conduct multi-party IM chats. Add video calling to your list of supported options.

Maintain Business Continuity: Because you can work from virtually anywhere at any time, you can access enterprise systems when customer demand spikes, or when weather or other events make getting to the office difficult.

Provide Flexibility While Controlling Costs: You have complete control over sending and receiving calls. The enterprise manages dialing plans and policies, and routes all calls route through the corporate PBX.

Expand for More Features: You can add visual voicemail, conference bridge control, synchronized call logs and contacts, as well as integration with Avaya one-X Mobile by deploying with Avaya one-X Client Enablement Services.
Avaya 1600 Series Models.jpg

IP Phones That Deliver Security, Reliability and Performance.

The Avaya 1600 Series IP Deskphones are a value-priced family of deskphones designed to meet basic communication needs in a low-cost package with the quality and reliability you expect from Avaya. These

These deskphones are designed for the same user profiles as the top-of-the-line Avaya 9600 Series IP Deskphones, thus offering a feature-set and price-point alternative. By providing a range of endpoints covering the differing needs of users at all price points, Avaya makes it possible for companies to equip their workforce with deskphones that look great, sound better, enhance productivity, and turn communications into a competitive advantage. With similar industrial design and administration, the 1600 Series and 9600 Series may be deployed in mixed environments or on their own.

With similar industrial design and administration, the 1600 Series and 9600 Series may be deployed in mixed environments or on their own.

Telefonix also provides the full range of 1600 series phones depending on your requirements including the Avaya 1603-I IP Deskphone, 1603W-I IP Deskphone, 1608-I IP Deskphone, 16CC Agent Deskphone and the 1616-I IP Deskphone.

For more information, contact one of our friendly sales support team who will be happy to recommend the best model based on your needs.  

Avaya Softconsole.png

Avaya SoftConsole

Avaya SoftConsole is the PC-based Windows Operator Console for IP Office working with a desktop telephone. Commands and actions are available through menus.

SoftConsole has been designed to improve operator service by providing the operator with call information and available call actions to simplify call handling and give the appropriate response to the caller. With this easy-to-use software tool the operator can maintain visibility of the number and type of calls waiting and so ensure that clients are greeted in a professional manner. SoftConsole has many configurable options available to the operator to personalize the look and feel. The Operator can tailor the usability specifically to each of their personal preferences.

Call details include: Calling Name & Number, Called Name & Number, Call Status, Call Duration, and Notes. Areas within the application include: Directory entries, configuration of Script based on Caller ID, Conference Room, Queue and Busy Lamp Field Panel, Held and Parked Calls, Park Slots, and Call History.

 Download the latest Avaya Call Reporting fact sheet

Avaya Call Reporting



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